About Us

LifeLabs has offices in New York and San Francisco and provides training to companies worldwide, in person and virtually. We research the skills that make the biggest difference at work and home and convert them into workshops, events, and experiences.

How It All Started

We were wondering: what if there were a school for adults, but instead of algebra and spelling lessons, you could join courses on the real stuff of life – laboratories for great ideas, practice sessions on the art and science of people skills, a gym for leadership abilities? What if you could transform your workplace into a dojo for developing life’s most useful skills – the ones that transform your biggest challenges into your greatest opportunities?

We noticed:

  • We spend the majority of our time at work, but we rarely take advantage of the opportunities for growth and learning hiding in plain sight at our offices.
  • Great teachers are people who inspire us to try something new and see life from unique angles.
  • Sometimes you can learn one tiny trick that leads to a huge change in your behavior and in the lives of the people around you.

Eventually, we stopped wondering and created the lab format to bring our vision to life.

Our Team

Courses at LifeLabs are led by a vibrant team of researchers and experts in the field of organizational psychology who want to make a difference in the world and have fun while doing it.

Job Listings

LifeLabs is growing and we are on the look out for diverse, passionate, and playful minds to join our team. Come be part of a team where you will learn something new every day, push yourself, laugh a lot, and make a real impact by helping people master life’s most useful skills.

Facilitator / Leadership Trainer (full-time, New York City or Bay Area)

Calling the world’s best trainers, professors, and facilitators. We’re looking for a passionate trainer to help us create life-changing learning and transform the workplace into a dojo for mastering life’s most useful skills.

A week in the life of a LifeLabs trainer:

  • You’ll spend your week training executives, managers, and individual contributors in leadership, communication, and productivity skills.

  • Anticipate leading workshops Monday – Thursday (workshops are 2 hours each, and you will teach no more than 3 per day).

  • Fridays are our (training-free) team days when we meet to learn from one another, connect, collaborate, and come up with puns.

  • When you’re not teaching, you’ll be busy advising some of the world’s most innovative tech companies.

  • Approximately 10% of your time will also go toward helping LifeLabs grow and excel in ways that match your strengths, perspectives, and ambitions (e.g., engineering new workshops, conducting research, publishing articles).

LifeLabs trainer pre-reqs:

  • Masters degree required, PhD preferred
  • 2+ years training experience and strong facilitation skills
  • Advanced knowledge of psychology
  • Research experience
  • Management or leadership experience
  • Experience in a client-facing role
  • Experience working in or with the tech industry

Contact: Email your resume to [email protected] with Facilitator + your name in the subject line.

Program Consultant / Account Manager (full-time, New York City or Bay Area)

We are looking for a passionate relationship builder and leadership development buff. Is that you? Come help us transform workplaces into a dojos for mastering life’s most useful skills.

As a Program Consultant, you will be the first point of contact clients have with LifeLabs Learning. You’ll quickly put them at ease through warmth, competence, knowledge, and genuine curiosity. You’ll propose programs that meet their needs, and they will walk away feeling smarter, more prepared, and even more excited to bring a great training program to their employees. Once a client’s program has launched, you will continue to act as their account manager, consultant, and thought partner – making program recommendations and helping them get the most impact out of their training initiatives.

For you, each interaction with a client will be an opportunity to hone your consulting skills and discover more about how companies work and how people think. You’ll have a front row seat to the inner workings of over 400 leading companies, and you will forge relationships with their executives and heads of HR, People Operations, and L&D.

When you aren’t consulting clients, you will be working closely with our Head of Business Development and our Director of Impact, discussing patterns you’ve observed and exploring initiatives to improve client acquisition, retention, and program impact. The rest of the team will serve as collaborators and mentors, helping you turn your role into the best growth opportunity of your career.

A week in the life of a Program Consultant:

  • Respond to prospective client inquiries over email (expect an inbox that gets serious action).

  • Discuss organizational needs and challenges with prospective clients.

  • Convert prospects to clients by proposing thoughtful solutions to their needs.

  • Own the logistics of client onboarding (e.g., send workshop descriptions, select dates, introduce clients to facilitators).

  • Manage relationships with existing clients, recommending new services and consulting on steps they can take to see more impact.

  • Deeply understand current and changing client priorities, concerns, fears, and hopes and communicate findings to the team.

  • Support the production of business development events and initiatives.

  • Lend a hand in special projects and other areas as they pop up.

Program Consultant Pre-reqs:

  • Degree in organizational psychology and/or 1-4 years experience in HR, learning & development, organizational development, or a related field

  • Experience working in a client-facing role

  • Knowledge of consulting techniques (e.g., asking open questions, framing a conversation)

  • Strong written communication skills (particularly the ability to write clear and playful emails)

  • Time management and organization skills

  • Bonus: experience working in the tech industry

Contact: Email your resume to [email protected] with Program Consultant + your name in the subject line.