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LifeLabs provides innovative training for brilliant work skills.

How We Do It

Focused on Tipping Point Skills

All skills are not created equal. We focus on Tipping Point Skills: the powerhouses of all skills. When you master a Tipping Point skill, it opens the door to a new level of communicating, thinking, and collaborating

Sticky & Practical

Each of our exercises is subjected to the stickiness test: will the info stick around and be useful in real life? We follow a model of deliberate practice—break down a skill into its most useful components, then apply it to something you are working on NOW.  Our content must earn a learner usefulness score of 90% or it gets removed from our program.

Refreshing & Scientific

Workshops are short (2 hours), practice-based, and packed with research that appeals to data-driven minds. Exercises are customized to fit your culture and priorities. Participants talk, move, practice, and experiment (it’s LifeLabs after all).

Taught Live

Live in-person and virtual facilitation creates opportunities for real-time feedback, peer-to-peer learning, and fostering lasting connections across your organization long after the workshops are over.

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