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etsy-class-photo_pinkYou are in charge of cultivating bright minds at your company, and you could use a little help?

We have a niche: Our expertise is in helping young L&D Departments and People Teams find their footing, particularly in rapid-growth companies with 150-1000 employees.


During our consulting hours with you, we help you

  • Learn from best practices in other, similar companies
  • Identify your company’s high leverage skill sets (those that make the biggest impact, fastest)
  • Know how to word your offerings to increase enrollment and buy in
  • Optimize your existing workshops for attention and retention
  • Fine-tune your on-boarding program
  • Create a home-grown leadership program
  • Feel the humm and buzz of a learning culture in action

To find out more email [email protected] or give us a call at 917-319-4354.