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We know what it’s like: You are in charge of organizing a conference or team retreat. You want it to be fun, fast-paced, deep, insightful, relevant.  You want the event to be talked about long after it’s over. You need a theme that’s cohesive and refreshing, and you need help pulling it together FAST. We combine our expertise in content design, facilitation, psychology, and surprise science to help you make it happen.

We provide:

  • Consulting to help you identify and deepen your theme, creating a ‘red thread’ throughout the event.
  • Thrilling keynotes on topics like culture, strategy, surprise, and the science of habits
  • 2 hour workshops for rapid skill building (see course menu here)

Who we've done it for:

  • At Google’s Educators conference we provided a day full of rotating learning labs.
  • At the WholeFoods Vision Day conference we provided walls full of ideas, labs on the science of delight, and surprises under seats.
  • At PSCU’s leadership summit we crafted two days worth of strategy and team building.
  • At Etsy’s Hello Etsy conference we led 500 people through a learning expedition on Sustainable Enthusiasm.
  • For TED we (positively) disrupted  audience members expectations.
  • For IDEO we created a campfire learning lab on experience design.

And much more.

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What people say

“We are still receiving very positive comments from the [conference] participants. It is being lauded as the best one ever.” – Michael, PSCU

“The LifeLabs team has a talent for reading exactly what an audience is looking for.” – Amber, Google Educator Team

“You took something that started out as just a simple idea and made it into an experience that will last a long time in our minds.” – Tom, EO

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