Megan Wheeler

About Megan

Megan has her Master’s degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. She specializes in the remote experience and managing dispersed teams. She has been head of L&D at Huge and managed the leadership development program at Illinois Institute of Technology’s Leadership Academy. She’s spoken on management at SXSW and published on individual assessments and job selection in the Journal of Applied Psychology.

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Megan's Courses

Manager CORE skills: Coaching, Feedback, Productivity, 1-1s

Your one-stop-shop for all 4 Manager CORE courses: Coaching, Feedback, Productivity & Prioritization, and Effective 1-1s!

Manager Lab: Effective 1-1s

Put your 1-1 time to good use by focusing on your reports’ progress, roadblocks, development, and engagement.

Manager Lab: Productivity & Prioritization

Identify the best use of your time and walk away with tools to help you and your team manage your priorities effectively.

Manager Lab: Feedback

Learn how to give feedback that’s specific, actionable, and motivating – even when the conversation is tough.

Manager Lab: Coaching

Learn the fundamental skill of great leaders: how to develop your reports so that they become high performers.

Problem Solving Lab

Become a better problem solver – generating more novel and effective solutions on your own and with others.

Strategic Thinking

Strengthen your long-term planning, decision making and inclusive project planning skills.

Rapid Influence Lab

Harness the power of inquiry skills to earn influence, improve collaboration, and build relationships.